Bonus offers from Danish gambling operators must be active for at least 60 days

Bonus offers from Danish gambling operators must be active for at least 60 days

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The Danish gaming authority Spillemyndigheden has announced an update to its advertising requirements. In particular, they set out a new provision that all bonuses from local gambling non gamstop casinos operators must be active for at least 60 days.


The updated requirements for bonus offers of the gambling industry in Denmark were made after the Danish government issued an order to change the rules for advertising the services and facilities of online casinos, land-based betting and online bookmaker's offices.


After a period of evaluation of the situation, Spillemyndigheden concluded that gambling companies must allow at least 60 days for customers to take advantage of the bonus they have won as part of the promotional offer. The new rules also emphasise that the user must be able to receive the reward without additional conditions.


It should be noted that last week the regulator announced a relaxation of their testing requirements for Danish gambling operators. In particular, the provisions that assess such companies as "testing laboratories" have undergone changes.


Spillemyndigheden has also removed the condition that "testing companies" require three years of experience in order to obtain the appropriate status. The authorities explained that this decision was due to the realisation that the people working in such an organisation were more important than the length of time a brand had been established.


Also, the entities in question would no longer need to have ISO accreditation to conduct validation testing, which checks and addresses vulnerabilities in software. The Danish gambling regulator explained that its certification has sufficient approval, and that all licensees can immediately partner with reputable vendors.

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