Flower therapy - happiness and health from nature

Flowers delight the eyes, cause admiration, seduce their aroma and are a symbol of hope and happiness. Many psychotherapists believe that they can also improve their health and affect the psyche.

According to the main provisions of floral therapy, each disease begins with the negative states of the human mind - internal conflicts and fears. Strong tension and stress take away the reserves of vital energy from a person. The body spends them on the mobilization of protective mechanisms, it becomes weaker, is easier to give in to the disease, not trying to fight it.

Floral essences harmonize negative feelings. They contain healing vibration of the most developed part of the plant - flowers. The task of floral essences is not to treat, but to transfer energy and vibration from flowers to human body, which helps to return to emotional balance. Flower therapy is part of a holistic medicine.

Treatment with flowers motivates the patient for healing, returns hope, activates natural psychological forces. It is also useful in psychological therapy and psychiatric treatment. Reduces stress and improves concentration. They are used to strengthen work on changing life relations and even in the treatment of obesity.

Drops of floral essences affect the mood and rooted habits. There are 38 different extracts, from which almost 300 million mixtures can be composed, adapted to the emotional state of each patient. Each of them corresponds to a certain state of the psyche or character traits. They can be taken separately or mixed as necessary. However, in order for them to work, it is necessary to make the correct diagnosis, and then take it regularly (usually 4 drops directly on the tongue 4 times a day).

Floral therapy has nothing to do with aromatherapy. The most important here is the floral essence diluted with water and alcohol (or only water). The treatment does not use plant extract, but its energy potential contained in water. The most popular method of obtaining essence is thermal. Place the just gathered ripe flowers in a glass bowl with spring water and put in the sun for about 4-5 hours. After some time, flowers return their energy to the water. Then the water is poured into a dark bottle and an equal volume of 40 percent alcohol is added.

Treatment with flowers motivates the patient for healing, returns hope and activates natural mental abilities. Floral essences affect our emotions, restore impaired spiritual balance and improve mood. https://spires.co/online-russian-tutors

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