Farming Simulator 22 Review - Platinum Edition

The list of territories and things to do for beginner farmers has been replenished with a large-scale map and new gameplay features in the Platinum Expansion expansion for Farming Simulator 22 from a popular online games provider Friv2Online. We tell you in the review whether the new content is worth your attention.

Exactly a year ago, my colleague spoke in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the base game in a review of Farming Simulator 22. Therefore, we will not focus on the content available before the release of the Platinum Edition.

We only note that over the past year, both positive features of the project remained in place, such as licensed agricultural machinery detailed to the smallest detail and a huge number of gameplay systems, as well as problems that include frequent friezes on a fairly powerful gaming PC, long downloads and hacky AI behavior.

At the same time, players now have the opportunity to master a new location called Silverrun Forest. Here you can combine agriculture and forestry: logging, stone processing and the construction of such grandiose projects as roller coasters are added to the cultivation of arable land.

These mechanics are joined by an expanded fleet of vehicles: the developers have entered into a partnership with Volvo, within which the game has grown with new dump trucks, tractors, loaders and other machines from a well-known Swedish manufacturer. There are really interesting specimens here, like the Volvo BM SM 462 forwarder, which stacks logs on its platform and transports them, or the small but powerful Volvo BM 2654 tractor.

Each of these devices has its own control scheme, so it will take some time to get used to them. Farming Simulator 22 - Platinum Edition has a manic attention to detail in its mechanisms: you will activate countless buttons and levers, and each of your actions will be animated in detail. Forget about the simplifications of other simulators, where any task is performed by pressing a single button.

This is not bad at all, on the contrary, it plunges you into the atmosphere with your head. As well as the impressive simulation of the models, within which even those details that most players will not pay attention to work, for example, when the camera zooms in, you can see that the fan behind the radiator grill and the driveshaft rotate on the tractor. On the other hand, it is better not to look closely at the environment: the developers did not try too hard to revive the game world.

The Silverrun Forest offers several interesting locations and related contracts. There are a couple of ordinary farms with tasks familiar from other maps, such as harvesting. There are also more interesting places: for example, areas overgrown with deadwood, the owners of which ask to cut down and remove trees (after the work is done, they can be sold by adding a little more money to the piggy bank).

There is also a mine where iron and stone are produced, a paper and furniture factory, a shipyard, the unfinished roller coaster mentioned above. A sufficient set of content so that you can get lost in it for a dozen or two hours.

At the same time, Farming Simulator 22 - Platinum Edition deceives the player with its naming. The name gives the false impression that the gamer is buying the full edition of the game, but this is not the case - only three add-ons are available here, while a rather extensive list of the remaining DLCs will have to be purchased separately. Otherwise, we have a good extension for those who have long wanted to go beyond agriculture and try new activities in their favorite farming simulator.

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