The Best Movies About the Meaning of Life (Top 5) on 123movies 2024

Article updated on 12/2023

Every person at least once in his life has thought about what he lives for. This philosophical question has stirred the minds of prominent personalities of the past and present. And no matter how many versions of the answer to this question, for each person it will be different, universal and unique. Therefore, films revealing this subject have always been and will always be popular for the viewer who is trying to find himself and his place in the world. Here's a list of movies, you can stream on 123 movies unblocked.

The Bucket List 2007

Two completely different people collide in a hospital room. One is a hot-tempered, narcissistic billionaire and the other is a well-read and knowledgeable auto mechanic. Fate brings them together, putting a death sentence - cancer. The two doomed souls decide that they need to do as much as they can and try all the things they haven't managed in life while they still have a chance. They make a to-do list and embark on a trip around the world.

The Notebook 2004

This is a love story of two very different people. Noah is a guy from a simple, poor family. Ellie is from a rich family. It took them one summer to realize that they were crazy about each other. But they are separated by a series of events that they are unable to overcome - the outbreak of war. Years later, everything has changed. Ellie is engaged, and Noah lives alone and is restoring a house. A chance event once again collides the characters and forces them to decide if their feelings for each other are as strong as they are.

1 1 2011

An accident confines the famous and wealthy aristocrat Philip to a wheelchair. Unable to help himself, he is forced to hire a personal assistant. Circumstances are not the best and he has to hire a dubious candidate. Young Driss is the least suitable for the job. Having just come back from prison he does his best to remind his employer how wonderful life is no matter what.

Fight Club 1999

An ordinary office clerk suffering from chronic insomnia lives a monotonous and boring life. During one of his business trips his life drastically changes - he meets an incredibly charismatic and a little crazy man named Tyler. He is a soap salesman with a twisted fantasy who believes that the meaning of life is self-destruction. The heroes enjoy fighting and eventually organize a network of secret fight clubs in which they promote the philosophy of self-destruction. But everything changes when the charming Marla comes into their lives.

October Sky 1999

In October 1957, an event occurs that stirs the world. The Soviet Union takes a huge step in the exploration of space - launching the first satellite and changing the world. An ordinary boy named Homer from Virginia decides he too can and wants to build a rocket. The son of a miner puts all his energies into making his dream come true. He finds like-minded people - three friends who are passionate about the idea and his schoolteacher. But there's a problem - the boy's father doesn't believe in his son and does everything he can to get the boy's unfulfilled dream out of his head. But will this usually stop the boy on his way to his cherished dream?

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