Passing Gears of War: Judgment - Enemies

Rager - after a certain amount of damage, this enemy turns into another form and attacks the player. The best tactic is to use a grenade, a grenade launcher, or a Lancer saw to tear off the Wrath before it starts to transform. If he has already transformed, aim at his back, which is also vulnerable to Lancer attacks.

Therons - There are two types of this enemy. The first one has a cleaver and charges the player. If you don't kill him before he gets close, grab any shotgun and retreat, shooting without aiming. This way you can shoot and avoid his attacks at the same time. The other type is equipped with a Torque shackle. In this case, you can attack him after he shoots his arrow.

The Serapide - green fragment at the end of the last segment is the weak point of this enemy. Before he dies, you have to destroy all his segments. The last segment is often out of your range. In this case, you have to run around a larger obstacle, waiting for the enemy to focus on another target.

The mauler is a large enemy who, after several shots, begins to hide behind a shield covering him. As with serapis, you have to keep him at a distance, trying to shoot him in the back from a safe distance. When the enemy stops hiding behind the shield and starts attacking you, run away. If you have spare grenades, throw them at him.

Boomer / Grinder - two enemies of the same type using different weapons. Boomer uses a grenade launcher, and Grinder uses a Gatling gun. In both cases, you have to shoot from behind cover, waiting for pauses in boomer shots or overheating of the meat grinder pistol.

Bloodmount - a larva riding a beast. It is best to kill the creature and then deal with the Robber. The beast is trying to shorten the distance, so you can use this to your advantage by using any shotgun. Like villains, this beast can jump over barricades and high obstacles.

The Reaper is the biggest enemy that can be encountered on a regular basis. The beast is equipped with rocket launchers. In addition, it can carry up to two opponents (one of them is equipped with a Torque shackle). You can kill the raiders first and then fight the beast, or focus your fire only on the creature that will kill all the enemies at the same time. The weak spot is under the abdomen. You can also try to attach a grenade to her body when he is not moving.

The body is an enemy that protects its front part with its feet. You have to go around him from behind, where his weak spot is, or throw, for example, a grenade, which will lead to the lifting of his legs. After a given amount of damage, the enemy can drown himself in the ground - in this case, it is worth continuing to move, avoiding underground attacks. Welcome to our project, where all the best gambling sites from all over the world are collected.

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