The psychology of female gambling!

The psychology of female gambling!

There are all sorts of opinions and assumptions expressed by others about women who are addicted to gambling. For example, some believe that women's stinginess is to blame since gambling women cannot squander all their savings in casinos, as is often the case with male gamblers. But Harvard researchers have refuted these speculations, which extol men as casino players over women.

The scientists conducted an experiment in which both men and women took part. There were a total of 40,000 subjects from all over the world. First, all participants were given an equal amount of money, which became the so-called starting capital for the games. After that, all players bet on various gambling games on virtual gambling online sites. And at the end of the experiment, the researchers found that in addition to the level of play, women were not inferior to the opposite sex. Moreover, they played a story and were more successful than male gamblers, as their profits were significantly higher than the winnings that players of the opposite sex received.

The peculiarities of female gambling

Scientists have been able to determine that women tend to gamble more aggressively. They can ensure their success, as seen in the study, through their ability to allocate and manage their bankroll wisely throughout the gameplay and regardless of the outcome of the rounds. In addition, scientists claim that women's intuition helps them successfully bet and choose the most winning slots due to their development. Besides, the fair sex can assess their position more soberly and navigate the situation, so they precisely determine the moment when it is best to stop and terminate the game. This proves once again that women can gamble far more successfully than men.

If you look at female and male gambling as a percentage, there are definitely more male gamblers. And they dominate not only in land-based casinos but also in virtual gambling establishments. But for women, it is by no means a hindrance, and they are always interested in gambling and find games to their liking. In addition, we can assume that they are so confident and knowledgeable in the game because they often train in virtual clubs, where you can not risk real money to learn the features and nuances of the game to determine the future with the betting of real money.


If you believe the statistics, about 40 per cent of the total number of gamblers in virtual halls are women. And their number increases every year.

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