Tips for completing the game Fallout Shelter . Passing Game #016

Raiders can steal your resources.

Summing up, if you want to provide the most effective protection, remember:
- strengthen the front door and put guards next to it
- arm its inhabitants, especially those living near the front door
- that you can move your residents freely - they will return to their work automatically when the alarm is turned off
- about following the route of the raiders and chasing them
- to exchange the best weapons between the residents living in the next room that the raiders visit
- take weapons from pregnant women and give them to those residents who can use them.
- use the Stimpak during the battle to heal its inhabitants

Intelligence service

You can independently extract all the resources necessary for survival in the Shelter by assigning the inhabitants to the right room. However, this is not enough if you want to feel really safe. Raider attacks, as well as natural disasters, create the need to have an appropriate amount of weapons. You also need outfits to improve the stats of your inhabitants. All of these you can find in lunch boxes, but most of them can be found in the wasteland.

To send a resident to explore the wasteland, drag him out the front door and drop him there. You can give him some Steampacks and AntyRads. From now on, you can't control him as much as you could when he was inside the Shelter. You can check its status by selecting it from the list of residents or by clicking on a place outside the Shelter (a list of all residents will appear).

You can check the status of the study at any time.

A resident who has been sent to explore the wastelands will continue to move until he dies or you call him back (you can do this at any time). You also have access to a research report that informs you about everything that happens to your inhabitants while exploring the wasteland: defeated enemies, gained experience or found caps. You will also see how many stippaks and anti-rads he has left, and how many traffic jams he will bring to the Shelter. At the bottom you can find the most interesting details, such as all the items found (weapons and equipment). In case of finding the best weapon, the resident will automatically swap it.

Do not forget to supply the inhabitant with medicines before sending him to explore the wastelands.

The longer the exploration lasts, the more dangerous the enemies will meet your inhabitant. He will also have a better chance of finding a better weapon. To maximize the amount of time your occupant can live outside the Shelter, make sure they have good stats in Strength (S) and Stamina (E). Step into a realm of unparalleled excitement at Goldencrown Casino , where every spin, shuffle, and roll can change your life forever.

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