Arthritis of the legs. Ways to fight the disease

The causes of pain in the legs can be diverse, but one of the most commonly diagnosed is arthritis. The factors of this unpleasant disease have not been clarified for sure.

Stress, infectious diseases, and physical overload can cause joint inflammation.

Reddened and hot skin over painful joints is one of the obvious signs of arthritis. Over two hundred different diseases can lead to the development of arthritis. And treatment, first of all, will depend on the cause that provoked the disease.

First of all, aspirin or similar analgesics are used to improve well-being and relieve inflammation. For the period of treatment, the patient needs to limit movement and exercise.

Experiencing pain in the joints of the legs, you should not neglect both conventional therapy and folk methods of healing.

The methods of traditional medicine are initially aimed at eliminating the source of infection with the help of antibiotics and removing inflammation with the use of anti-phlogistic ointments and drugs.

Actively used in therapy means that contribute to the restoration of joint tissues.

Promotes recovery, special therapeutic gymnastics and diet. In the products consumed by the patient, a high content of vitamin E is desirable.

Under the influence of arthritis, destruction begins in the affected joints, and if the disease is very advanced, then the damaged joints are replaced with prostheses.

Alternative methods of getting rid of arthritis include mud therapy, ultrasound treatment, the use of various massage methods, the method of hemopuncture, electrophoresis and warming up.

How to treat arthritis of the legs, everyone chooses for himself, but the use of non-traditional methods must necessarily be accompanied by medical supervision.

Traditional medicine offers many ways to relieve pain and relieve inflammation in arthritic joints:
• a variety of lotions from tinctures of medicinal herbs. Garlic, pine needles, fir and other vegetable oils are used;
• consumption of vegetable juices. In the treatment of arthritis, it is recommended to use carrot juice, cabbage, celery, parsley;
• compresses made of grated potatoes or applying whole potatoes are considered very effective;
• ingestion and external use of various herbal preparations;
• therapeutic baths with fir branches or mint grass.

The use of comprehensive measures proposed by different areas of medicine will certainly help to cope with the insidious autoimmune disease. But in order not to look for an answer to the question of how to treat arthritis of the legs, it is necessary to think seriously about the prevention of the disease.

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