Follow the trail #003

The piece of meat was stuffed with an ampoule with barium fluoroacetate poison.

Usually wolves swallow the whole ampoule with meat. Under the influence of temperature, the shell of the ampoule melts and the poison causes poisoning of the entire body. One-ear did not swallow the ampoule: he crushed it with his teeth and the toxic substance, along with saliva, dispersed over a piece of meat.

After burping, the predator lost its appetite, thirst appeared. He jumped up from his seat and, grabbing the snow, stepped aside. The wolf eagerly pounced on the piece.

When the wolf regurgitated, the One-Eared One was no longer there. The wolf, grinning, grabbed the snow, once, twice and ran on the trail of One-Ear. After running about five meters, she buried her muzzle in the snow, quieted down.

Meanwhile, the old wolf had already left more than ten kilometers behind him. Thirst drew him to the river. Underground springs were beaten there and the water did not freeze even in severe frosts. The wolf ran, jumped, until he was at the water...

— And here is this little river Aduy, — interrupting the story, Gusev pointed to the shrubbery, behind which the riverbed was guessed.

Everyone got out of the car and approached Adu. There were old dusty footprints on the shore. They began to look for a wolf in the water, and found two more. "So many people ran here for salvation," Gusev said, trying to shout over the hum of the engine.

A little downstream, in one place, the clear, icy water still glistened coldly, the Wolves had to come here to quench their thirst. Gennady, taking a gun and a crowbar with him, headed there.

When the car disappeared around the corner, Gennady, without delaying the matter, began probing the bottom with a crowbar, hammering the ice.

Alexander Gusev got on skis and went into the forest: it was necessary to check another privada. He was followed by Ivan Dmitrievich Komelkov.

Gusev walked far ahead and occasionally looked back. Ivan Dmitrievich took off his fur hat, wiped his forehead with a handkerchief and pulled on a sports cap. He always did this when it was hot to walk. Every now and then there were footprints. Komelkov quickly read them:

— Here the wolves have gone from trail to trail. It is still difficult to determine how many of them there are. And these are lynxes. They went with the loot.

After a few steps, the hunters found the remains of a hare covered with snow in the bushes.

— The hare was eaten, but the skin was left, the Lynx is also a predatory beast. I wonder if she catches hares. One is sitting on a tree, and the other is driving. It is only necessary for the oblique to run up to the tree where the first one was buried, as death overtakes him here.

"And here the grouse spent the night in the snow," Komelkov said gloomily. — Look, the lynxes have almost caught everyone... When we're done with the wolves, let's go round up the lynxes.

The privada turned out to be untouched. Wolves haven't been in this area yet, apparently.

The tracks of One-Ear led to the river Adui. Two more wolves were found here.

After making a big circle through the forest, the hunters returned to the river. Even from afar, they noticed a curling smoke, heard lively voices. It was the forest patrols who were waiting for the return of the wolfmen, there were Alexander Yurkov and Dmitry Mitrakov — masters of the first model workshop of communist labor at the plant, Andrei Savkin — head of the battery station, Yakov Semenov — a turner of the tool shop, Nikolai Pletnev — a mechanic of the mechanical workshop...

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