MTX Mototrax Review

At the beginning of the game, almost nothing is available to you, both in single races and in a career. Win competitions, and gradually you will discover most of the content - this is the principle of many console games, and MTX Mototrax is a console port.

In supercross and motocross, as already mentioned, you will have to ride over rough terrain in the form of tracks, where up to 8 riders compete. This means that winning all races is not mandatory, but without winning prizes, of course, you will not get the right amount of points. If at the beginning the game may seem easy enough to you, do not worry, closer to the masters series you will have considerable problems in passing the races. Here you will need just what real fans of this sport need: full concentration during the race, quick reflexes, and physical training...fingers.

And now it's time to talk about the graphics and musical accompaniment. At the beginning of the article, it was said that the game is not particularly attractive in appearance. This is not quite true, in principle, MTX Mototrax looks very cool for the console port, the only thing by today's standards for cool racing is the whole set of shader effects, high-polygonal models and textures with high resolution. Naturally, MTX does not have all this, but the models and textures are made well, and the design of the tracks is very good. There is a big plus in all this, because the game goes without any brakes at the highest settings. A GeForce 3 / Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card is quite enough. The well-chosen heavy soundtrack includes such famous names as Slipknot, Ill Nino, Dope, Faith No More, Static-X and Distillers.

When the game was running, crashes were noticed in Windows, as it turned out later, all this happened due to a crooked translation into Russian, so install the English version of the game if possible. Also, there are no spectacular videos with motorcycle stars on one disk in piratki. If you are a fan of motocross, your choice should stop at the two-disc version.

And yet, it is impossible not to mention the multiplayer mode. It includes a lot of standard things, as well as quite curious modes like King of the Hill (the so-called "king of the mountain" is trying to throw off other riders). Unfortunately, judging by the reviews, it is quite difficult to find rivals to play on the Internet, and the connection is lagging decently. So, perhaps, multiplayer is the weak side of the game. Well, the last trick - Dirt Wurx USA, the editor of the tracks, will be needed by all complete motorcycle maniacs. A betting company with 10 years of experience that only accepts bets online. Leonbet's Android and IPhone mobile apps work even at low internet speeds. You may download them for free . The first deposit bonus at the betting company is 100% of the deposit amount up to Rs 20,000.

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